This blog is – you guessed it – about running. Long distance running. I began running in fall 2012 after losing considerable weight after all these years of being a couch potato, and got addicted to running street races very quickly.

Who am I? Harald Milz, born 1961, studied electrical engineering in 1981-84, but I never worked as an electrical engineer. Rather than that, I’ve worked as a self-studied IT guy since I left the German airforce in 1992 (Linux, Open Source, Cloud Computing).

As for running, the story how everything began is here (5 parts in German).  Today, I run about 3000-3200 km per year, including 10-12 street races of different distances between 5 km and marathon. No plans for an ultra but who knows. Being a number guy, I am what some people call a “technical runner”, which means I’m into topics like diagnostics and optimizing training plans. I don’t like the idea of running a marathon without systematic training, because “Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance” (airforce pilots’ proverb), and if you don’t prep properly, all you can reach is random results and injuries. And still, sometimes your body says “stop” even if you trained perfectly, and you have to drop out of a race early… Been there, done that, but then I’m not a twen any more.

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