New Half Marathon PB @ Wachau Marathon

After having run a number of half marathons this year (Frankfurt HM in March finished in 1:33:13; Salzburg in May in 1:31:12 (missing my previous PB by a mere 3 seconds), and 1:31:38 at the Fränkische Schweiz Marathon in early September) my time qualifier requirements for New York City Marathon 2019 were already met. Consequently, I had an opportunity of running a HM full throttle without risking the NYCM qualification.

In fact, I smashed my old PB (1:31:09 from Sept 2015) by nearly 2 minutes!

I knew I was strong at the moment but would never have expected to run a new PB. My fellow runners whom I met the night before nagged me about sub-1:30 but I was reluctant to agree. But then I thought, why not try to stick with the 1:29:59 pacemakers and see what happens. In fact, I passed them at about 1 km and never saw them again. I knew I was pacing too fast for my shape but the ~04:10/km felt okay. The 10 km split was exactly 42 minutes. I got a bit slower from 12 km but was still far ahead of my expectations. The second 10 km split was 42:33. This was mostly caused by a slightly shorter stride length at a pretty constant cadence. This and the rising HR are a clear sign for fatigue but this does not come as a surprise.

Next is Chicago Marathon on October 7th. I guess I’ll try to hang out with the 3:20 pacemakers and see what happens. I’m not going to take any risk, though. The interesting part comes after 30 km – I hope my hamstrings are not going to go on my nerves.


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