Buying Shoes Made Easy

Hi everyone! My favourite shoes for easy pace and long runs have been the Adidas Supernovas since I began running. In fact, if the sales person in the sports shop in Freising hadn’t offered me the Supernova Sequence 5 back then when I looked for my first running shoes in October 2012, who knows what would have happened. This first pair lasted for more than 1200 km and I used is as an everyday shoe for a while after this (until it really looked worn, and my wife complained about them 😉 ) .

I stayed with the Supernovas ever since, and since Adidas shoes appear to be very precisely manufactured as far as size, I can buy them online in UK 8.5 / DE 42 2/3 without checking them first. Granted, I need orthopaedic insoles to compensate for and provide support for my midfoot, and these insoles reduce the impact of the shoes to a certain extent. Nevertheless, I went through all Supernova generations so far. 6 (didn’t like them compared to the 5, but ran ~ 1000 km with them), 7 (liked them better), and the Supernova Glide 8, which I (and not only I) consider the best so far. I also bought a pair of Supernova M (9) after this but I was very disappointed because they are way too soft any mushy for my taste. I think I’m not going to use them for anything else than maybe 13 km easy pace runs.

The Adidas Supernova Glide 8 Boost – supposedly the best Supernova so far.

During the last Marathon training season (fall 2017) I ran all long and / or fast runs with a pair of Adidas Adios 3 anyway, in order to get used to the shoe for the race. Rule #1: No experiments on race day! (not with the shoes, not with the clothing, not with the nutrition!)

The Adios 3, however, provides little to no support to the foot. I just got a pair of Adidas Boston 6es which will be my shoe of choice for long and / or M pace runs for the next training season (that will start more or less in about 2 weeks), plus a pair of new old stock Adidas Supernova 8’s to replace my current pair which I will need to phase out in late December. I will continue to use the Adios 3 for fast and interval runs as well as races up to and including half marathons.

By the way – thanks to #Brexit, running gear bought from various UK online shops is considerably cheaper than anywhere else at the moment. Just sayin’.

(Disclaimer: I am not an Adidas affiliate and don’t get any money for reviews like this. I’m just a happy customer. Please keep in mind that every foot and every runner’s running style is different, and you may have completely different needs and preferences.)

One thought on “Buying Shoes Made Easy

  1. Adidas recently released the Boston 7 which also was the “official” shoe for the Boston Marathon 2018. I held both in my hands at the Marathon Expo, and frankly, except for some optical changes I cannot see how the 7 should be any different from the 6. Marketing stunt I suppose.


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