Meeting the MRRC Guys

Hi everyone! Sunday is usually my long run day, but today I tried something different. So far, I used to be a 99% lone wolf when it came to running. Today I met with the Sunday long run group of the Munich Road Runners Club (MRRC,…/laufsparte/offenes-l…/lauftreff-sonntag) which is one of the bigger track & field clubs in Munich. We (5 guys of various ages, a young lady, and myself) met in front of the Nymphenburg castle at 10 a.m. (just in front of the left building on the photo below – this is a Wikipedia summer photo, not mine) , decided to ignore the rain & snow, and headed off west / southwest for about 7.8 km, then headed back to the castle. Their main pace is about 5:30 min/km which is okay for me (somewhat slow but ok). The last 2k were run slightly faster at ~ 4:45/4:50. Most of the group then called it a day at 16.5 km approximately but one guy and I continued for one lap in the Nymphenburg park (ca. 3 km) until he left as well, and I appended another circa 1.6 km at 4:30 min/km. A great run, and thank you guys for the company!

I’ve no idea if I can manage to meet them more frequently. They have various training groups during the week, mostly in the evenings, which is very tempting, but meeting them will take me a lot of time (30-40 minutes by car one way). We shall see.

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