Frankfurt Marathon 2017

Hi everyone! I ran the Frankfurt Marathon yesterday.

The short version: I finished but I am disappointed.

The long version… I met the 3:14 pacemakers in the corral, and we started off at a leisurely pace because it was so crowded. The wind had calmed down compared to the night before, the rain had stopped at ~09:30, and the sun came out. 12•C, perfect. Until 13.5k all went perfect. I had to insert a short bio break and then needed to play catch-up with the pacemakers who were about 200…250 meters ahead. No problem, I just went a tad bit faster than the perfect pace, and caught them at about 20k. The HM lap time was 1:36:40 – perfect.

Alas, from about 25k my legs became heavier and heavier, and I had to let the pacemakers go. I set a pace slightly faster than 05:00 and went on. But I became slower and slower, and from about 32k I noticed than my muscles signaled cramping, so I went a bit slower in the 05:10’s to avoid having to stop. But I had to fight like fuck.

At 34.7k I stumbled over a small bump in the road, and fell over. Two guys helped me up and I could continue, but noticed that this was it pace-wise, due to cramps raising their ugly head. No big one but nasty enough at this point. So I pretty much lugged myself to the finish, being quite frustrated because I saw the lag between target and reality becoming larger and larger. 3:20 – gone. 3:25 – gone.
So – my PB of 3:23 in Berlin 2015 will persist for a while I suppose. I’m not a 3:20 guy as it seems. But Chicago is quite a flat course, and maybe I can attack the 3:20 next autumn. Sure not in Boston in April.

The stats: 93rd place of 671 in my age group M55, and #2664 of 10592 men.

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