Long and T Pace Run, the Hard Way

Servus everyone! Today’s run was planned as a 32km easy pace run with 2x 4km T pace somewhere inbetween, like:

8 km easy pace
4 km T pace (04:15-04:20 min/km)
8 km easy pace
4 km T pace (04:15-04:20 min/km) (but run as 4x 1 km with short breaks, phew.)
8 km easy pace (which became 10.5 km)

I used the Moosburg route for this run, i.e. I took the 08:36 train via Freising to Moosburg and ran back home along the river. When I got off the train at 9 it was quite chilly and still a bit foggy, and it wasn’t until an hour later that the sun dissolved the fog. Brrrrr. But nice and sunny afterwards (did I mention “Goldener Oktober” a.k.a. indian summer?)

That’s 93.4 km for this week (Mon-Sun) and six runs / 116 km for last Sunday 1:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. today, including the Munich Marathon half — I think that’s a PR for me. I feel really exhausted now… this shows in the pace diagram. After the second T pace segment I got a bit slower, the heart rate stayed quite high (~150), and I had to pause briefly every 2 km. High lactate level I suppose. I also was a bit low on sugar when I came home.

Ah yes, and this is also my 5 year jubilee run. My first run after years and years of sitting on the sofa, then losing 24 kg of weight within 4 1/2 months by dieting, swimming and biking took place on Oct 15, 2012.

Next week is going to be shorter – somewhere in the 75-79 km range – and less exhausting. Tapering is on. Two weeks until Frankfurt Marathon.

[ Update 20.11.2017 ] I later noticed when checking the Jack Daniels book that this should have been only 3 km easy pace in the end. So #facepalm, but hey.

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