Isar-Lauf Bad Tölz 2017

Servus everyone! Half Marathon race today! The Isar-Lauf in Bad Tölz is a small venue with 450-500 participants running 10k, HM, or 30k. The route is mostly dirts roads for about 18.5 or 19 km, and since it was raining there were puddles and mud all over the place. So at the end of the day one could call it a trail run.  Everyone looked like a pig afterwards.

My training went quite well as some of you may have noticed, and I felt I should be able to run sub-1:33 today (compared to Berlin last April which was 1:34:14). But I managed to maintain a pace between 04:18 and 04:23 most of the time and voilà: 1:31:56 chip time. The fourth fastest HM of all my HM’s. Which also means I’m back at the level of fall 2014 and fall 2015 where I ran all my HM’s below 1:32.  (Which also means I should be able to run a 42-min or slightly faster 10k in 2 weeks …  ) And I was also 18th of all 98 men and 3rd of the M50 age class. They did not not have a separate M55 age class but there I would have been first.

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