Wings for Life 2017

Hi everyone! Since everyone seems to share their Wings for Life experiences I thought I’d do that as well.

This run was particular insofar I ran in a (virtual) group lead by Sabrina Mockenhaupt who is a very popular long distance runner in Germany. I think she won the German championship for all common distances at some point in time. Thank you Sabrina for the selfie and the autographed bib!

It was a rainy and cold day (temps between 11 and 12 degrees), but in a way ideal for long distance running. The downside was that the route was very muddy between 6 and 10 km. And then there was a large flock of sheep between 9 and 14 km, which ran along the same route with loud “baaas” and “booos”, accompanied by a cow and two donkeys. The shepherd was pretty p*ssed because he apparently hadn’t known about the event. Well.

The first 3 km were particularly annoying because a lot of runners marked for corrals 3 and 4 were also in corral 2, and I had to run very slowly until about 3 km. Can’t they just stay where they belong? My oh my.

Anyway, I managed to run my target pace (a bit faster to catch up) from 10 km, passed the 21k pacemakers somewhere at 16k and the 30k pacemakers at ~26k. The HM lap time was 1:40 sharp. At 30 I had met my personal target for today but the catcher car was still somewhere behind me so I continued for another couple of hundred meters until I saw the 31 km signpost 50 meters ahead. I then stopped 40 meters past (in a small village named Palsweis in the top left corner) and waited for the catcher (maybe 20 seconds). Very friendly villagers helping with everything!

So, not bad at all. 31,04 km in ~ 2:28 hours, measured from the start line, which means an average pace of 4:46. (They measure gun time, which means 2:30 hrs at 4:50 min/km).


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