Vienna City Marathon 2015

Hi everyone, so here’s my VCM report – first the numbers. I finished place 68 of 621 finishers in the M50 age class, and place 840 overall (of 9064 registered marathon runners – no idea how many finished). But that puts me somewhere in the best 10-11% 😉 The finish time was about 2 minutes better than in Frankfurt last October – new PB (of 2 races 😉 )  !

The run was fantastic. Thanks to Christian Bair I managed to keep a pace which was not too high (although he had to complain sometimes 😉 ). As opposed to Frankfurt I had much less upper thigh cramps, “only” during km 38-39, after which things went better and I could actually reset my pace to a certain extent. But I need to work on this. Christian was ~50 seconds faster than I and that was probably the cause 😉  . (Congratulations for your new PB mate!)

The weather was absolutely great, 14°C at the start and probably in the 17-18°C range when I finished. I never knew how dusty the town is – my forehead felt like sandpaper.

In any case, I am happy. 3:25 was my “mandatory” target, which will probably allow me to qualify (by time) for Boston 2016 (they have this strange registration process as you may know).


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